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bill fiero

Walden, NY, United States


This bird was at our thistle feeder at our count site 379 Lake Osiris Road, Walden, New York, 12586.
We have had many Goldfinches and House Finches feeding all summer, but this is the only bird of either species that we have seen with this problem. We couldn’t tell if it wasan injury or an infection.
The shots were taken on June 15th.


Eye problems

American Goldfinch With Distressed Eye

American Goldfinch at feeder with distressed eye.

2 replies on “American Goldfinch with distressed eye”

Jennifer Carchidi says:

I’m less than an hour and half from you. I had at least 6 with the eye disease (confirmed by rehabber) last winter. Did a lot of disinfecting! This summer I had a male house finch with it, so I took down my feeders for a few weeks since there was plenty of natural food. Last week I had a female purple finch show up with it, but she was captured quickly, sent to rehabber and feeders and birdbaths bleached. Good luck and buy lots of bleach and replace socks very often! I changed mine every few days (but I may be paranoid after last year).

Karsyn slonaker says:

it looks so sad. but cute and funny

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