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Lisa Anderson

Las Vegas, NV, USA


We found this little bird on the ground struggling to get airborne. An adult Anna’s female was perched close by, so we observed from a distance. The adult made a peaceful approach several times, each time returning to her observation point. With the adult attending, the youngster continued to move along near the ground while fluttering, and around the corner where we couldn’t see. Minutes later, with hope and a prayer, we snuck up on the place where he was last seen. Happily, he had successfully flown away!
Is this an injured wing or just a fledgling learning to fly? Do they hold their wings at different angles when they are learning?



Anna’s Hummingbird Fledgling

Juvenile Anna's showing a few red throat feathers

One reply on “Anna’s Hummingbird Fledgling”

Ava Johnson says:

I think it might be an injured wing. I believe that young males start to get the red on their throat after they’ve already learned to fly.

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