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Caitlyn Bowers

Oklahoma City, OK, USA


I believe this bird has that finch eye disease. One eye was completely closed due to swelling. The other eye was swollen as well, but not shut entirely. This bird was also very lethargic; he didn’t move when I approached him. The bird acted as though he (or she) couldn’t hear me. I talked to it, and it didn’t even look up at me. The bird seemed oblivious or it was too sick to care that I was there. When the bird did fly, its flight was… Like it was drunk, or disoriented. Probably due to poor eyesight because of swelling. Also worth mentioning, is that the bird was all alone at the feeder. I didn’t see any other birds in the tree or on the ground. When a large flock of those same birds arrived at the feeder, I could not find the sick one.


Sick behavior

Bird With Possible Eye Disease???

2 replies on “Bird with possible eye disease???”

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Caitlyn, Be sure to scrub your feeders clean while this sick finch is visiting. We recommend soaking the feeder in a weak bleach solution and scrubbing with hot soapy water weekly. If more sick finches start to show up, then you may want to take the feeders down for a week to let them disperse. More information can be found on our Sick Birds page:

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