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Barbara Hostetler

Schwenksville, PA, United States


I had a very large number of chickadees fledge this year , and thus have had many overall at the feeders. This guy has been around about 3 weeks and it was just this past week I was able to catch him in a series of photos that hopefully show his issue. I have decided he has only one leg that is functioning and either a severely deformed other limb OR a non existent / injured that the limb was missing . He seems to get around on short junkets between the trees and the feeders and tends to bobble sideways with an outstretched wing for balance when feeding and kind of is thrown face first! Overall appears healthy and does feed regularly!!



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Birth Defect Or Injured Black Capped Chickadee

This picture in particular shows the one limb is missing, and a darkened area that is unusual.

2 replies on “Birth defect or injured Black capped chickadee”

Barbara says:

Update: 1-31-14
I originally posted I believe the mid-end November 2013.
( I was looking for posting date stamp…..couldn’t find)
I was looking out at the feeders today and realized that the same bird is still alive and well and visiting my feeders!! I believe that to be somewhat of an accomplishment considering we’ve had brutally cold weather and for a bird that’s functioning at less than a hundred percent would naturally have a greater degree of difficulty in maintaining food intake etc.
I was fortunately able to take some pictures today and I’m going to upload those as well.
a bit of suggestion for the site maintenance people to date stamp entries thanks!

Barbara says:

Was actively eating at the feeders 2-13-14!

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