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Howard Thompson

Norcross, GA, United States


original images 48 MB NEFs dated May 30, 2017 at 9:53 AM


Eye problems


Blue Jay With Possible Eye Disease Vs Injury

1- Blue Jay with Eye Disease vs Injury

3 replies on “Blue Jay with possible Eye Disease vs Injury”

Edda says:

A blue jay is dead in our back yard. We cannot remove it because another blue jay is standing gaurd over it… so sad. Im afraid of letting my dogs out for fear thr bird or dog will get hurt. The bird standing guard is on the grass, really not moving much.. what should we do?

Texas Bird Family says:

It was most likely a male and a female. The remanding bird is guarding the dead one because jays mate for life and are very devoted. Corvids even hold funerals for lost flock members.

Sandy B says:

Aww. That’s so sad. I know that Blue Jays love raw peanuts in the shell so maybe you could try luring the body guarding jay with a plate of peanuts and then whip the dead one away. Also, have you tried scaring the blue jay away with your presence? Wear protective clothing just in case. Sorry.

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