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Sheli Gossett

8200 Sparta Rd, Sebring, FL, United States


A Sandhill Crane with a left broken leg at knee frequents my first grade class bird feeders. This is the second crane we have observed this school year. The first one’s leg fell off at the knee and eventually we didn’t see the crane anymore.




Broken Legged Sandhill Crane

Left Sandhill Crane leg

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  • I have a Sand Hill Crane that appeared in my Yard today. Their are 2 of them but 0ne the larger one I think has a broken Leg? What can I do? I live in Kissimmee,Florida 34747 4 miles from the Disney Animal Kingdom. Who can I call and will they come back or stay in the area behind my home not sure?

    • Holly Faulkner says:

      Hi Dane,
      The best thing to do would be to call a local wildlife rehabilitator. They will be able to assess the situation and help where needed.

  • Mary ann says:

    I have a sandhill crane also in my back yard in Kissimmee with a broken femur it’s Been bout a month now. Wildlife reduces told me if they can catch th crane , they will euthanize it. They also told me leg fracture in Sandhills are common. And they can survive and mate with one leg. But let eme know if you find a rescue that actually can help !!

  • I live in Port st. Lucie Florida. We have a sandhill crane that’s about a month-and-a-half old that has a right broken leg. I was told by my local wildlife rehabilitator but as long as it can fly it’ll be okay. I don’t think it’s old enough to fly. I left a message and I’m waiting a call back I have a neighbor that’s concerned as well just don’t want to be the one that see something and doesn’t try to act to save the bird. It’s parents are still around but they aren’t as close as they usually are and haven’t been for the last 2 days. He appears to be eating.

  • I live n Lakeland fla and I also have one n my yard with a broken leg n looks as if the other leg is injured.

  • Josh says:

    I live in West Melbourne FL I have the same thing a crane with a broken leg he’s severely limping

  • Tamara Noe says:

    We have one in Eaton Rapids, MI. She migrated when the others did and made her way back this spring. She is by herself, but I am hoping she will find a mate.

  • david johnson says:

    very young sand hill, seems to have injured leg. cars don’t even attempt to avoid, what a shame. please yield to these animals.

  • Shirley Karen says:

    These injuries are the results of reckless, speeding drivers. Please reach out to enforcers and neighbors to slow driving. April/May specially because this is baby time. Sandhills like the roadside as cars go by and “fluff” the grass releasing food. This combined with their inane lack of fear of humans results in sooooo much injury and death. They are so fragile. Take time during baby season to walk with them and guard them. They are very hard to see and dangerous drivers are speeding and distracted.

    Thank you

  • Lee says:

    I have a family that come every year, this year there were 2 babies for about a month… then there was one.

    Well now the one (Angel) baby, now juvenile has a wing that is unable to move. I called EVERYONE, I was told “Angel” will acclimate to its disability. If rescue intervenes it will be euthanized… I’m a heartbroken human Mom.

  • Sandi Heder says:

    We have a family and Sandra cranes and one of the adults has a broken leg. We feed them whole kernel corn that we buy in 50 town bags and they come back year after year because of it. They actually get to know us and we are able to get very close to them. They can still fly with an injured leg and so they do have a chance of survival. We called wildlife rehabilitation and there is not much they can do and said they can typically get by with 1 leg because they can still fly.

  • Becky says:

    I see Cranes that have bands(tagged) around their legs but I guess they do that when they are small. If you try to help a young adult it might be dangerous! What type of shelter do cranes like during storms in Florida? One of our visitors was limping today and I would like to have a shelter for him if he needs one. He comes by with his family weekly.

    • Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

      Hi Becky, The cranes will find their own shelter – they’ve been weathering storms for millennia and have their own strategies to protect themselves, even when injured. Thanks for thinking of them!

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