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Carolyn Michael & D Turner

New Milford, CT, United States


Photos taken through window of female cardinal on feeder. Difficulty eating .Growth on neck somewhat hindered her ability to get beak inside the screen on the feeder. We have observed this bird several times on the feeders for two days. I am very interested in understanding what this growth is and the cause. Have had no success finding information on this type of problem.



Cardinal With Growth

Female Cardinal with growth on neck.

5 replies on “Cardinal with growth”

I have picture of a male cardinal with this growth.

Beth says:

I’ve had a male cardinal with something similar but not quite as large. He’s been coming around for 4 years. I’m in Cheshire, CT. I too have been looking for info and can’t find anything similar.

Mike says:

I’ve noticed a red cardinal with what looks like a growth but not really sure. In some ways it looks like a loose feather. Took pictures still can’t till.

Kenneth E Mauler says:

I have a Male Northern Cardinal here that has a large gray hump on its back between its wings, it eats at my feeder and seems to fly ok.

Ella says:

Have. Female I call hunchback and another female had what looked like a group of ruffled feathers but this year she is one legged.

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