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Pat Davis

Port Williams, NS, Canada


This crow visits my feeder occasionally. It is one of a family of crows in my neighbourhood.



Crow With Avian Pox.

Crow, with avian pox. Resident in my neighbourhood, visits my feeder occasionally.

12 replies on “Crow with avian pox.”

tammy says:

I’m in Burnaby and I have a young crow that has this all over its face and beak , very sad. Will it spread to my other visiting crows and Jay’s?

Kate says:

The flock of crows at trout lake has two infected individuals

Darragh Grove-White says:

We have a few in Victoria Oak Bay Area unfortunately ?

Lili says:

I just saw three in my back yard that have it all over their face and feet. Are we supposed to report this to anyone?

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Lili,
This is a common disease found in birds- if the bird becomes lethargic and won’t move, you can contact your local wildlife clinic or certified wildlife rehabilitator to ask their advice on whether or not they would like you to bring it in. Only they are legally authorized to treat wild birds. If you see this bird or other sick birds near your feeder, the best thing to do is to clean the feeder with a 10% bleach solution, making sure to scrub all the debris off (and continue doing so weekly). If many sick birds show up at your feeders, it may be best to take them down for a week or two until the sick birds disperse. More info can be found on our Sick Birds and Bird Diseases page (, and you are welcome to email us with any questions at

Marian pearsall says:

I spotted a crow with growths around his eyes and beaks today. Looked thin and kept trying to shake his head. I wanted to help it but it wouldn’t let me close of course. Just now looked up the growth guess it is the avian pox. What can I do?

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Marian, The best thing to do would be to call a certified wildlife rehabilitator or other licensed wildlife professional. There is not much that can be done for sick birds, but if this crow visits your feeders, we advise cleaning them regularly, and taking them down for a week or two to help prevent the spread of disease. You can learn more on our Sick Birds and Bird Diseases webpage.

Josie Breuls says:

I say a crow with this too near broadway and fraser, it had huge growths on feet and near eyes. It couldn’t fly. I tried to feed it but it wouldn’t eat.

Craig Robertson says:

I’ve seen a crow with or seems like a round tumour on 1 leg
About 2 inch in diameter
Any one else seen this ?

Angela says:

I think I saw a crow with the same problem. Where did you see it?

Carl Baird says:

I saw one recently feeding on my balcony. Hes friendly. One eye covered. Looks thin . At Lakewood and Hastings

William says:

I’m in Baltimore, I have had 3 crows come visit me and 1 has been just laying around or standing in the water feeder all day…he has pox on his eyes and beek..

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