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Stefanie Beaupied

Marion, IN, United States


I took these photos today (3-23-2016) the first day I re-hung my feeder after an 11 day hiatus. I took the feeders down for 11 days after noticing diseased cardinals and goldfinches. I washed, disinfected and dried all feeders and pole accessories. Imagine my disappointment today after seeing what appears to be the exact same birds with diseases (a male cardinal, a female cardinal, and a goldfinch). The goldfinch in these photos is not overly obviously diseased but 11 days ago a male goldfinch let me get strangely close to him and had noticeable whitish matted eyes.
I wonder about the female cardinal. Does anyone have any insight? It is not so much her eye(s) but simply that she is bald. This is not a time for molting, right?
Thank you for any information you may offer. I am sad because spring is here and the birds are sick and I was sure after 11 days of no feeders I would have at least a few days of pure bird bliss but alas no.


Eye problems

Diseased Birds

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  • Terri says:

    Summer 2018. Male cardinals with bald heads. Some seem to be losing head feathers. never seen this before.

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