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William Brooks

Valley Spring, TX, USA


This white-crowned sparrow has been frequenting our feederwatch area for several days. It appears to keep separated from other white-crowns and will remain near food and water sources for longer periods of time than others.


Eye problems

Diseased Eye/cheek White-Crowned Sparrow

Diseased eye and cheek Mature White-crowned Sparrow

3 replies on “Diseased eye/cheek White-Crowned Sparrow”

Patti Alexakis says:

Yes, I am seeing the same thing at my feeder now and am extremely upset by this. I believe the young squirrels killed one of them yesterday. I live in Southern California, Ventura County, town of Camarillo. Two have died.

Ava Johnson says:

It might be Avian Pox, check out this link

Ava Johnson says:

It might be Avian Pox

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