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Donna Yates

Bloomington, IN, United States


Letting dog out back door (area about 50 feet from feeders and saw a dying Mourning Dove lying on the ground near the house. There are no windows above it and no obvious injury or cause of death.


Sick behavior


Dying Mourning Dove

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  • JJ Jett says:

    Is Orthomaxinsect for lawns poisonous to ground feeding doves? I found a recently deceased dove near the feeding area; the day before I had put down granules in the nearby lawn to control (attempted to) fireants. Ortho does not respond. Please comment.

    • Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

      Hi JJ,
      We cannot comment on any specific brands, but in general, we don’t recommend using any insecticides or herbicides at all near areas where you are feeding or attracting birds. Oftentimes their harmful effects are not restricted to just the target species. Many kinds of insecticides are highly toxic and improper use can harm humans and pets around the home, or birds, fish, and other nearby wildlife when spray drift or runoff enter natural habitats. Some can even impair a bird’s migratory abilities, affecting body mass and orientation, both of which are important for surviving long migrations. Here is a great article with references by our sister project, Habitat Network, to read for further information on the effects of insecticides, and some suggestions for safer alternatives. Let us know if you have questions!

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