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Jennifer Carchidi

Hudson, NY, United States


Noticed this Starling had a broken beak when he took a drink out of my koi pond. Half of the top beak is missing.



European Starling With Broken Beak

European Starling with broken beak

3 replies on “European Starling with broken beak”

Jennifer Carchidi says:

After further examination, this bird has a deformed beak, not a broken one. The lower part of the bill is abnormally long.

Olga Buynovskaya says:

;; I’m so glad I found this picture because there’s a blackbird that comes by to try and sneak a worm from the mockingbirds I feed he has a suuuppeerrr long bottom beak. And a Short top beak. And I’m like how’s he even alive? He like grabs the worms sideways. It’s strange I felt bad for a while but they’re very invasive here. Pushed out the mockingbirds): they’re very pretty when they’re babies tho those speckles.

silv says:


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