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Joanne Smith

Manitoba 233, Hodgson, MB, Canada


On Oct. 29th I photographed 2 EVGR with what I believed was finch eye disease. I immediately removed and bleached all feeders. For 10 days, I had only a small window feeder that I placed a few seeds a day in for chickadees. For several days, there were no EVGR seen in our yard. On my first Feederwatch count Nov. 9th, I had only one EVGR show up…it was a healthy male. Yesterday Nov. 17th, , I had 11 show up and it appears as though this one female has the disease.

I have contacted any ” bird feeding ” neighbours within a few miles of our house to ask if they can cease feeding until Dec. 1st.


Eye problems

Evening Grosbeak Finch Eye Disease

Not taken during Feederwatch.

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