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Janet Allen

Syracuse, NY 13219, United States


I saw a robin that has an eye that looks similar to the House Finch Eye disease.


Eye problems


Eye Disease In Robin?

One of the robin's eyes seems similar to the House Finch Eye Disease

3 replies on “Eye disease in robin?”

Jennie Bower says:

I too have a Robin completely blind due to eye disease.

Darrell Feldbusch says:

I saw a Robin with some sort of eye disease, today.

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

Hi Darrell, Anytime you see a sick bird, it’s best to take your feeders down and clean them. Cleaning them regularly (every 1-2 weeks) is the best way to prevent disease, even when you see no sick birds. You can learn more about bird diseases and how best to clean your feeders here. Please also read this statement about a recent unidentified illness that has been reported in the Mid-Atlantic states of the US, and reach out to your local wildlife rehabilitator or state wildlife agency regarding the sick bird especially if you live in that area.

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