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Rebecca Sutherland

Toronto, ON, Canada


A single male House Sparrow was observed to be behaving strangely. The sparrow tried to repeatedly scratch its right eye on a small branch and appeared to have a pink ring around its left eye. As well, a small pink bulge appeared to be on or near the right eye of the bird.

Male House Sparrow was observed twice to be ‘sleeping’ alone on bird feeder around 10:30am EST and was again observed ‘sleeping’ close to the ground on a lower bar of a swinging bench in the backyard around 2:51pm EST.

The sparrow was easy to approach and an approximate 1-2m distance between the bird was obtained before it flew to a nearby branch. As well, when approaching the sparrow, loud noises were made as I stepped on semi-frozen snow. The bird was reluctant to move despite these noises being made so close to it.


Eye problems


Eye Problems On Male House Sparrow On Feb. 17, 2019

Male House Sparrow appeared to repeatedly scratch its right eye on a small branch.

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