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Jen Roulston

Stillwater, OK, United States


Saturday afternoon I was bird watching, and noticed a bird on the platform feeder that I don’t usually see. I went outside to investigate with my binoculars and noticed it was a female house finch that looked ill. I took pictures, and checked in with the Oklahoma Ornithology Society group, and was informed that it was probably Avian Pox. I have since taken down all feeders, disinfected, and am waiting a week before hanging them again.




Female House Finch W/ Avian Pox

Female House Finch w/ dry Avian Pox

3 replies on “Female House Finch w/ Avian Pox”

Cynthia Grover says:

i livevin western Colirado and in the last week or two of Sept 2020 have noticed 3 or 4 finches with large growths on either the top if the head, or on the lower cheek if the jaw. I thought it might be the eye disease but after further research think it is avian pox. Disinfected & removed feeders & water dish, then just put one feeder & water dish back out after a week.

Lisa says:

This is really helpful, just found a house finch with these symptoms in Maryland. Took down feeders to disinfect.

J. Flenniken says:

7/2022 in north central TX- I had one female house or purple finch with large tumors in the right eye, both legs, and one foot, as well as a smaller tumor above the left eye. Found her dead after a few days.

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