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Christine Pezeshki

Thornhill, Vaughan, ON, Canada


This female House Finch with eye disease was seen at my feeder with a pair of House Finches. The other two finches showed no sign of eye disease. The affected finch seemed to be blind in this eye and was flying erratically. A hawk (Sharp-shinned or Coopers) flew through the yard and all of the birds left. I never saw this sick finch again at my feeders. I took down my feeder, disinfected in and kept it down for several days. I replaced the feeder after only seeing the healthy pair of House Finches returning to my feeders. Since then, I have checked every House Finch at my feeders carefully to see if any of them show any signs of eye disease and so far, they have not.


Eye problems


Female House Finch With Eye Disease

Female House Finch with eye disease

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