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Joan Stowers

Brookfield Township, OH, USA


This female Northern Cardinal showed up at my feeders yesterday 3/4/19 and returned again today. I don’t know if this is a sign of disease or if it is just an anomaly. She acts quite normally and seems to be accepted by all the other Cardinals in the group.



Female Northern Cardinal With White Circles Around Eyes

5 replies on “Female Northern Cardinal with white circles around eyes”

Adeline Louie says:

I saw precisely the same today, also a female, affecting both eyes, at VA arboretum near Boyce. 11/27/20

Ava Johnson says:

My best guess is leucism. Leucism is a condition where an animal has a reduced amount of pigmentation, resulting in white or lighter-than-usual fur/feathers/skin.

Texas Bird Family says:

I agree.

Marcia says:

I noted a female cardinal today 12/22/2022 at 8:30 am , with white rings around her eyes

Jeanne says:

I just saw a male cardinal with this exact thing but just around one eye/ He is otherwise acting normally, eating, flying. I will try to get a photo if I can

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