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Jason Lewis

Portland, OR, USA


This Goldfinch showed up on my feeder today. There was a Junco with a similar eye issue, but I haven’t gotten a photo yet. Bird does not appear well and let me get very close to it. It kept rubbing its eye against the outer edge of the feeder as if to scratch it. It’s other eye seems to have limited functionality as well.


Eye problems

Finch Eye Infection / Abscess

This Goldfinch showed up on my feeder today.

One reply on “Finch Eye Infection / Abscess”

Heidi Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello, Jason. If you see a bird that appears to be compromised in some way, perhaps due to sickness or injury, do not try to care for the bird yourself. Whenever a sick bird comes to your feeder, we recommend that you remove the feeders the sick bird is using for a couple of weeks to ensure that disease is not being spread at your feeders and to give birds a chance to disperse. While the feeders are down clean your feeders and feeder area thoroughly. Remember that prevention is the key to avoiding the spread of disease. Regularly clean your feeders even when there are no signs of disease. For more info, please visit our page on Sick Birds and Bird Diseases here.

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