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Gary Hall

Toronto, ON, Canada


June 28, 2019
One fledgling in a group of Robins seemed to have some difficulty walking. I first saw it in sitting position on my neighbours roof. I took a few photos of the Robins and did not notice the appearance of the feet of the fledgling until I viewed the images on my computer.




Fledgling Robin With Diseased Feet

Fledgling Robin with diseased feet

2 replies on “Fledgling robin with diseased feet”

Regina Schmarje says:

I been trying to rehabilitate a robin its learning to fly, but it’s feet are abnormal, it can hop. Will it be OK if I can keep the stray cats away?

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

Hi Regina, Please contact a federally certified wildlife rehabilitator, who will have the federal permits that are required by law in order to care for wild birds.

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