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Jessica Ritchie

Norfolk, VA, USA


I noticed this female gold finch sitting isolated on the bird bath for a while, and was troubled that she didn’t seem to notice me at the door watching her. She is isolated from the other birds and barely able to fly. Her eyes are almost closed shut, and she rubs them constantly. She is part of a sick flock of 12 Goldfinches that have “camped out” at my feeders over the weekend. Usually the Goldfinches come and go without staying for hours at a time, so this is unusual behavior. Using binoculars, I discovered that at least 4 of the finches show signs of the eye disease. I disinfected the feeders with a bleach solution and kept them down for a few days, but the Goldfinches returned as soon as I put them back up. So far, the Housefinches using the feeder do not show signs of the disease.


Eye problems

Goldfinch With Advanced Eye Disease

Female Gold Finch with advanced eye disease.

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