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Patricia Linde

East Granby, CT, USA


I have had House Finches with conjunctivitis. I removed my feeders, washed with soapy water and soaked in bleach. I didn’t put them back up for 2 weeks. The House Finches that returned looked healthy but yesterday this guy showed up. First time I noticed a Goldfinch with an eye issue. The bird looked healthy otherwise. I wasn’t sure it was conjunctivitis or an injury but another bird showed up today (couldn’t get a photo) and it looked a little sicker. The feeders are down again. I will start a regimen of weekly cleaning. The contaminated seed will be disposed of. I don’t know what else to do. Is there anything that would deter Finches? I’d like to continue to feed the birds and I kind of feel a little helpless since there is no way I can keep other people from putting out their feeders.


Eye problems

Goldfinch With Conjunctivitis

Goldfinch with conjunctivitis.

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