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Jennifer Uellendahl

Waynesville, NC, United States


Found the Owl on our patio. It did not fly away and would only hop. There was droppings on and around the window – we think it flew into the window, it was very foggy and raining. It tried to fly later and could not. All the little birds starting chirping and surrounding it as it moved. We were able to carefully catch it take it to Ashville Wildlife Nature Center for observation, where it then went to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Institute for rehabilitation. It was observed as with a head injury due to a dilated eye and tilt, but he/she did eat a mouse’s head when we 1st took it to the Nature Center. We will see if it can be released back into the wild.



Gray Screech Owl – Stunned By Window Hit

Gray Western Screech Owl

One reply on “Gray Screech Owl – Stunned by Window Hit”

Barbara Hostetler says:

I am so glad to hear he was taken to the nature center. We have eastern screech owls here! and they are fantastic creatures! I would love to. Hear and update on this one.

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