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Crystal Stanley

Seguin, TX, USA


I have observed this female Great-tailed Grackle for many hours over several days this past week, often with a telephoto lens, and I’ve not seen even a peek of a second leg. If it’s injured, she keeps it tightly tucked in her plumage, but it seems to be missing. She gets around just fine, eats, flies, hops up onto the bird bath for a drink. Today she even tried to displace another female Grackle from the feeding area. She also has lighter colors along her eyebrows than what I see on the other local female Grackles. Though she falls over quite a bit while hopping around, she seems healthy & I am curious if the missing leg is due to an injury or if it could be congenital. I have videos of her if it would be of any interest.



Hopscotch, The Grackle With One Leg

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