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Edith Prince

Bremerton, WA, United States


I believe this is a House Finch with Finch eye disease (that is how I reported it on Project Feeder Watch). It has been hanging around my yard/feeders for about a week now. It seems to be almost blind but manages to forage for food on the ground and even manages to find the feeders every once in a while. I feel really sorry for him. Not sure if there is something I should do for the little bird.


Eye problems


House Finch

Sick House Finch

2 replies on “House Finch”

Judith Nelsen says:

I saw a house finch with a large red growth below its eye, thought this was probably the house finch eye disease. Should I take all my feeders and birdbaths down, or just the ones the finches use?

Heidi Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello, Judith. Whenever a sick bird comes to your feeder, we recommend that you remove the feeders the sick bird is using for a couple of weeks to ensure that disease is not being spread at your feeders and to give birds a chance to disperse. While the feeders are down clean your feeders and feeder area thoroughly. Remember that prevention is the key to avoiding the spread of disease. Regularly clean your feeders even when there are no signs of disease.

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