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Brenda Williams

Valdese, NC, USA


Back in the summer, I had a female house finch that I walked up on without flying and it looked like her eye had been injured but now I’m seeing several house finches so started researching on what could be going on so I’m wondering if you can tell by looking at these pictures if it is house finch eye disease. I clean my feeders just about everytime I refill them but not with bleach and water so I’m planning on doing that and leaving them down for a week but wouldn’t everyone in the neighborhood need to do the same thing. Also should I report it to someone and if so who. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Eye problems

House Finch Eye Disease

One reply on “House Finch Eye disease”

Ava says:

Hi Brenda, I’m pretty sure that it is House Finch Eye Disease. Nobody else in the neighborhood has to do this unless they start to see sick birds at their feeders.
I’m not sure if there’s anyone you can report it to. Poor little finches!

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