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Janet Oelsen

Bolingbrook, Illinois


First sighting at my feeder 4/22/2022 late afternoon, male and female House Finch with Mycoplasmal conjunctivitis


Eye problems


House Finch Eye Disease Aka Mycoplasmal Conjunctivitis

Mycoplasmal conjunctivitis House Finch Eye Disease

4 replies on “House Finch Eye Disease aka Mycoplasmal conjunctivitis”

Anon says:

Me too. Saw a female with severe eye disease May 4; later that afternoon spotted male with the disease, and the next day, a female with red pouches under the eyes alongside a so far asymptomatic male. Central New Jersey. Never saw this before and I’ve been feedings birds since 1/2021.All other species unaffected. I only took down the hopper feeder, but all should really be removed for two weeks and disinfected w/ a bleach solution…esp. from what I’ve been reading, tube feeders should be taken away, because the infected birds can rub the sides of the eyes on the tube ports.

R M says:

A female house Finch with swollen red eyes at a tube feeder in northwest Philadelphia. Never saw this before but I will take the feeder down now.

Ava Johnson says:

Definitely take down feeders for a while and disinfect them like Anon said so that it doesn’t spread to more birds.

Annet Dragavon says:

I live in Paso Robles, on California’s central coast. A male house finch with severe conjunctivitis is visiting our feeder. The poor bird’s right eye is so swollen the eye bulge is about 1/4 the head size. I’m sure the bird is blind because it turns its head sideways to see. I will take the feeder down, clean it well and leave it down for a few days.

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