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M Kelly

Geneva, NY, USA


Saw this guy out on the deck rail, didn’t startle when I approached the back door to see him better. Noticed the right eye and photographed it. Went out door to avoid glass reflection, he didn’t budge, but responded to sound. Clearly vulnerable if being approached from such a close distance doesn’t startle him. Winter brought up to 12 house finches at a time and two have decided to start nest building, so v. disappointed to see someone in the group uncomfortable. Feeders and bath are down now for 2 weeks, glad the weather is improving.


Eye problems


House Finch Eye Disease, Upstate NY 3/23/21

Left eye crusty, house finch eye disease, upstate NY (FLX), 3/23/21

One reply on “House Finch Eye Disease, upstate NY 3/23/21”

Tina Jacobson says:

I live in Southern Mn.. my breeding pair of house finches migrated here late march.. 3days ago I noticed my male was acting like he had a head issue when I saw him under the feeder..I thought he might have hit the window or something I sneaked up on him and had a look he let me get within 2 feet of him and his right eye is red and swollen and he had rubbed it so much that it had popped the eye out. He eventually removed the eye and seems to be doing ok, so far we keep a close watch on him and make sure he is eating. The left eye is slightly crust but still has vision. Female is good..

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