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Lisa Anderson

Las Vegas, NV, USA


This bird was able to find food and water over the several days that we noticed him at our feeders. We have since removed this hanging seed feeder to discourage him from inserting his head into the ports and passing the disease along to other birds.


Eye problems

House Finch Eye Problems

House Finch shows growth over eye.

2 replies on “House Finch Eye Problems”

Lisa Anderson says:

Originally we thought this must be his “third eyelid.” However, as the photo shows, the eye covering is not transparent or translucent; it is completely opaque, obscuring both iris and pupil. Please comment if you understand this phenomenon. Thanks!

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Lisa, This may by House Finch Eye Disease – a type of conjunctivitis that birds can get. If you see sick birds at your feeder, the best thing to do is take them down and clean them. We have tips on the best cleaning strategies here (basically, clean all debris from feeders with hot soapy water, rinse, and then soak in a weak bleach solution), and you can learn more about bird diseases here.

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