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Marsha White

Salmon, ID, United States


I first noticed a female house finch with a bad-looking eye on March 17, 2015. I saw the same bird or another house finch female on my PFW weekend with another terrible looking eyeball. Couldn’t tell if it was a disease problem, cat mangling, or other injury. I have photos of house finch females taken on March 17, 21, and 22 if you need them for comparison. I could not tell whether these are the same females or different house finch females observed with bad eyes.


Eye problems

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Species: House Finch

House Finch Female With Bad Eye

House finch female with bad eye at my feeder 3-22-15, M White, Salmon ID

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  • Flashman Lesniak says:

    We seem to get more each year even though we keep cleaning and replacing our feeders. They real our hearts as we watch them flutter and reach for a perch.
    Should they be euthanized?

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