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Susan Schellhas

Stratford, CT, USA


Taking photos of the birds at the feeder allow me to identify them. This picture was taken to confirm a finch or house sparrow. I believe it is a finch. It also confirmed it had conjunctivitis which prompted me to call the Milford Audubon society as well as send an email to Project FeederWatch. The feeders have been cleaned with soap and water and the proper bleach/water solution.


Eye problems


House Finch With Conjunctivitis

House Finch with conjunctivitis. Picture 1. Feeders were cleaned with bleach solution and taken down.

2 replies on “House finch with Conjunctivitis”

Ava Johnson says:

It’s good that you cleaned the feeders and contacted Audubon and the Cornell Lab. I hope the little guy fights off the disease. Also, that is an adult male House Finch.

Texas Bird Family says:

Male House Finch

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