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Sycamore Ridge Trail, Charlottesville, VA, USA


First seen this year. Sick house finch observed last year here.


Eye problems

House Finch With Eye Disease?

Seen in our yard, Charlottesville area in Virginia Apr. 28, 2018.

2 replies on “House Finch with eye disease?”

Marissa Wilkey says:

Same issue spotted in Fort Collins CO. No redness or bulging apparent; if anything, the more affected eye looked sunken.

Kim says:

I have a bird that I initially thought was blind until I found out about this disease. His eyes seem “clean” though (meaning I see no infection or “crusting”) and it almost looked as though he was born without eyes. He finds my bird feeder that is attached to the window and has made that his new favorite spot, which I haven’t minded at all. I really hate to take this source of food away from him and he always seems so lonely, I don’t think I could bare taking it down. (DATE: 9/11/18 – Blacksburg, VA)

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