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Carol Grove

Clifton, VA, USA


This house finch has two growths on its foot. The finch seems to get around fairly well in spite of this growth/deformity. These photos were taken on December 2nd and 3rd,




House Finch With Growth And/or Deformity On Its Foot.

3 replies on “House Finch with growth and/or deformity on its foot.”

Whitney says:

There is a juvenile house finch at my feeder who has this exact deformity on it’s feet (both) as well. It doesn’t seem to hinder the guns in any way that I can tell. I am in Orlando, FL. USA

KS says:

Just saw house finch w same foot deformity at my bird bath. Parker CO
Sept 27 2023

April Jennings says:

I had a house finch in my yard for a couple days with a growth on his foot. He ate food on the ground and drank some water. He hung out on the ground in the back corner of the yard with my day lillies. He died yesterday. Oakland, TN

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