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Stephen Robie

Cupertino, CA, United States




House Finch With Growth On Eye

House Finch with growth on eye

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Mohamad Alobidey says:

To whom May it concern,

I would like to report a case of Mycoplasmal conjunctivitis OR House Finch Eye Disease. here in
Silvercrest / Pearland Texas
Septemer 15/ 2019

I found a bird has the symptoms of the Disease of its eyes and his leg.
I have posted the photos on Texas Birds and Butterflies Group on Facebook and this is my first time seeing a case of House Finch Eye Disease.

I will glad to share video of photos for the birds and I hope you can guide me to help

Thank you,

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Mohamad, Currently, we can only accept data on sick birds through participation in Project FeederWatch, which begins November 9th this year. The best thing to do when you see a sick bird is to clean your feeders thoroughly, and take them down for a few days to help the sick birds disperse. There’s no foolproof way to keep sick birds from visiting your feeders as they can also catch diseases from others in nature, and at other feeders they visit, but regularly cleaning the feeders can help prevent the spread of disease. Take a look at our Sick Birds and Bird Diseases web page for more information and tips on how best to clean your feeders based on recent scientific studies. Please feel free to contact us at with any additional questions.

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