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Linda Anderson

Santa Rosa, CA, United States


Three different finches that I observed over 3 days…out of probably 15-20 individuals. Groups of 6-12 at a time. First one has clearly swollen left eye. H-Finch 2 has less severe eye disease in right eye. H-Finch 3 has really tattered head feathers on left, hard to see status of actual eye…but growth on feet are apparent as well. This last one tended to sit low on the branch as well.


Eye problems


House Finches With Eye Disease

House Finch #1 (female) with left eye swollen with eye disease

One reply on “House Finches with eye disease”

Polly Osborne says:

I read this used to be called “linnet eye disease” (house finches used to be called linnets.) and is common. Sometimes they are blinded and sometimes they can’t eat anymore and starve, but often they survive it. I also read it’s not worth taking down the feeders because they are so social they’ll pass it around anyway. I take down their favorite feeders anyway. I leave up the food my house finches don’t care about: suet, dehydrated worms, and nyjer.

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