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Chris Krabacher

Grand Saline, TX, United States


Noticed these little guy not leaving the feeder about two days ago. The first day I checked on him and got within 4 ft of him he flew off. At first I thought he was being lazy and found an easy place to chow down. Yesterday after a lot of rain he was still hanging out in the feeder. This time I could get with in inches of him, even gently touch him so he would lift his head up. He didn’t fly off. Not sure what is wrong with him. There appear to growths on his beak and his one eye doesn’t appear to be healthy.


Sick behavior

House Sparrow Hanging Out In Our Feeder

2 replies on “House Sparrow Hanging out in our feeder”

Ava says:

He is probably sick. Clean your feeder(s) and keep it/them down for a week or two just in case.

Ava says:

He might have Avian Pox.

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