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Woodstock, NY, USA


BCCH without rectrices and an injured left leg/foot observed feeding from feeders during the 03/16-17/21 count period. Has since been observed attempting to feed from suet feeder, but without two functional legs it appears to have been unable. Our cat could be the culprit, though I doubt it as they don’t spend much time hunting outdoors in the winter (especially when there’s snow on the ground, which is when I first observed said BCCH). Additionally, to my knowledge they have not caught a bird in a long time. Multiple species of hawk (i.e. RTHA & COHA) in the area seen/heard quite frequently in and outside of count periods. I’ve seen this BCCH every week since – what resiliency!




Injured Black-capped Chickadee

Injured BCCH side profile showing missing rectrices.

One reply on “Injured Black-capped Chickadee”

Ava Johnson says:

Poor little guy. It could have been a neighborhood cat. Although it probably was a hawk.

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