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Eric Boysen

Boulder, CO, United States



Injured Goldfinch

2 replies on “Injured goldfinch”

Kimberly says:

My neighbor found a injured American Gold Finch . The wing appeared to be broken . she tried keeping it warm giving water however later dyed same day . If this were to happen again what is best thing to do?

Heidi Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello Kimberly, thanks for reaching out. Only veterinarians or federally licensed wildlife rehabilitators can legally treat wild birds. If you see a bird that appears to be compromised in some way, perhaps due to sickness or injury, do not try to care for the bird yourself. It is illegal for you to possess most wild birds unless you are under the direction of someone licensed for their care. Please try to contact a local wildlife rehabilitator instead. For more info, feel free to visit our page on Sick Birds and Bird Diseases.

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