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Megan Blythe

Dacula, GA, United States


Taken over the course of three days, these 2 (or 3) House Finches all have one or both eyes quite swollen and red. Behavior was otherwise normal (no trouble feeding, regular bird to bird interaction, no lethargy or trouble walking. All feeders here were taken down and bleached, all birdbaths scrubbed. Put back up one week later.

*Sidenote: I posted to my Homeowner’s Association Facebook page about this issue, urging everyone with feeders to be on the lookout and clean them well. Not sure how effective that will ultimately be, but trying to get the word out!


Eye problems

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Male And Female House Finches With Swollen, Reddish Eyes

Taken 12-10-2016. Male House Finch with infected eyes.

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