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Leigh Segel

Davis, California, United States


I first noticed this bird at one of our feeders yesterday (January 4, 2016). He returned to feed today and so I took his picture. He seems to be able to eat normally, despite having a large horn-like growth protruding from the top of his beak. This is the best photo I could get because everything is in the shade, but I think it shows the growth fairly well, especially if you zoom in on his beak.




Male House Finch With A “horn-like” Growth On His Beak

Male house finch with a "horn-like" growth on his beak.

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  • Sarah says:

    I am in Texas and there is a female house finch at my feeder who has some growth on her beak as well. She eats normally with the others every day. One time she had her beak wide open for a male and it appeared he was trying to pull something out her mouth because for about 20 seconds he was doing that. She flys around kind of goofy sometimes though, running into my window. Such a sweet little bird.

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