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Ellen Hartley

Matawan, NJ, United States


Picture of dove in my yard during project feeder count day.


Eye problems


Mourning Dove With Injured Or Diseased Eye.

3 replies on “Mourning Dove with injured or diseased eye.”

Eye seems to look like it’s bulging out of it s socket it’s facing the wall in the garage.I feel so bad for it don’t know what to do.

Laurie says:

Did you find out what it is. I have chickens and saw a baby dove with same thing. I’m afraid it is contagious

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Laurie, Birds have to potential to attract a multitude of diseases, and while there are some that cross the species barrier (such as Salmonella), many do not. This might be a case of Avian Pox, though many diseases can cause tumors or growths. Anytime you see a sick bird, it’s best to clean your feeders, and you should continue doing so regularly in order to help prevent the spread of disease. And, of course, always practice good hygiene after touching the feeders. Check out our Sick Birds and Bird Diseases page to learn more, and to learn the best way to clean your feeders. If you are particularly concerned about an individual bird, call your local wildlife rehabilitator, or wildlife veterinarian for the best advice before acting.

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