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Heidi Eichler

Aptos, CA, United States


I took photos of my dad’s feeder last weekend, during a visit. It wasn’t until I was looking at the photos later that night that I noticed that his house finches and Pine Siskin’s had eye issues. I counted a total of 5 birds with the infections at all diferent stages. 1 house finch and 4 Pine Siskins. I advised my father and provided him with info.


Eye problems

Mycoplasmal Conjunctivitis?

Mycoplasmal conjunctivitis?

One reply on “Mycoplasmal conjunctivitis?”

Matthew T says:

Yes, this is very likely a case of mycoplasmal conjunctivitis. But, the bird pictured is a Purple Finch, not a House Finch. Note the front-heavy/large-headed structure, red coloring in the wings and short, notched tail.

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