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Robert Small

Blaine, WA, United States


We are wondering if this female Flicker photographed on one of our feeders has been wounded or has a diseased right eye. The other eye appears to be perfectly normal.



Eye problems

Northern Flicker – Diseased Or Wounded?

3 replies on “Northern Flicker – Diseased or wounded?”

Krystal Lee says:

So I saw this bird in my yard and me and all of my family thought it was dead. So it sat there for like three days and today on Jude 22, 2020 I walked by it and it just started squeaking and flopping so I put on a rubber glove and put it in my horses feed tray and took him to my front yard and he or she is hurt and was shaking so I gave it water and food and put a little towel Over it so it could warm up cause it was shaking and it looks just like a northern flicker so I was wondering what I should do and what kind of diseases they carry?

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Krystal, It is imperative that you contact a local wildlife rehabilitator. They are trained and legally certified to handle and treat wild birds. If you’re not sure who that is, contact your state’s wildlife department – they should keep a list of those that are federally certified in your state.

Elisa says:

I live in Vancouver, B.C. and I saw a Northern Flicker at my suet feeder today with a closed right eye, too. It didn’t look as crusted over like in your photo, but the bird looked a bit fluffy. I was googling to find out more information when I came across your post. It is also very cold right now with an arctic outflow. Hope the bird isn’t sick…I’d like to keep the feeders out since it’s so cold right now, but perhaps I should take it down…

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