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Calvin May

Folsom, CA, United States


We have had an Oak Titmouse in our backyard this past week that seems to have a Neurological problem or it is having seizures at times. I have put meal worms out for him and he comes to the dish and eats some of them. Some times he falls over and flounders around. He then just lays for awhile trying to get his bearings, I guess. He can fly OK and his legs and feet seem to be OK. I followed it to a bush in our back yard and got quite close to him. He did seem to twitch quite a bit. I am forwarding 5 photos.

I would like feedback, if possible.

Calvin May
Folsom, CA


Sick behavior


Oak Titmouse, Falls Over And Flounders

2 replies on “Oak Titmouse, falls over and flounders”

I have found the same kinds of behavior in a junco that comes to my feeder. She wobbles and almost falls while landing and struggles to get to the feeder. No growths or any sign of disease were shown on this bird either. Her wings seem too droop but she can fly okay. What is wrong with these birds?

Ava says:

I’m not sure what’s causing it, but you can call your local wildlife rehabilitation and get their opinion.

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