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Katie Harvey

Salem, OR, USA


Sick behavior


Pine Siskin With Salmonella

Another sick siskin. Despite cleaning feeders and providing fresh seed, this recent flock has had salmonella. Notice the puffed feathers and inability to eat seed. Poor thing.

One reply on “Pine Siskin with Salmonella”

Elise Wolf says:

Please know that flat feeders and any others that allow the birds to sit in the food can spread disease as the birds are able to leave fecal matter in the food. It’s critical to switch to feeders, like mesh or hoppers, that let birds eat but their rear-ends are faced over the ground not the food. If you continue to get sick birds, remove feeders. Disinfect with bleach at least once a week. Look up information on what to so for Salmonella at the feeder.

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