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Fay Longhofer

4081 Byrum Road, Onondaga, MI, USA


This little Goldfinch is really in rough shape. It got my attention when it was eating off the floor of the porch. Most finches eat from two “finch feeders.” It did finally move up to one of the “oiler” feeders and did move to “UM Suet”(Michigan Berries and Cherries with nuts) that I made. There was no negative interactions with other birds.

I think it looks like it spent the night in the mouth of a cat… It looks really rough!


Eye problems

Rough Looking Goldfinch

Sick Goldfinch

2 replies on “Rough looking Goldfinch”

Rose Anderson says:

Surprised to see no other comments on this poor little one. Looks like it has Finch Trichomonosis, if I had to guess.

Ava says:

Were its eyes swollen or crusty? If so, then it could have House finch Eye Disease (Mycoplasmal conjunctivitis). It could also be Trichomoniasis.

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