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linda kleinhenz

Wappingers Falls, NY, USA


A very advanced case of mycoplasmal infection, presumably acquired from bird feeders and originating with house finch eye disease?


Eye problems

Sick Cardinal

3 replies on “Sick Cardinal”

Deborah Goad says:

Are you seeing this disease in North Central Florida? We found a male cardinal that was teetering on a fence. On closer look, his one eye was crusty and appeared smaller. I put him in a pet carrier, seed and water in a dark spot and within 15 minutes, he was dead. I could hear a clicking sound in his lungs.

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

Hi Deborah, I’m sorry to hear about this cardinal. If you find a sick bird again in the future, it’s best to clean your feeders and call a local, certified wildlife rehabilitator for further advice – we do not recommend handling or treating wild birds unless you have the necessary federal permits, or are under the direction of someone who does have them.

Texas Bird Family says:

Cardinals molt their head feathers so I think he’s just molting.

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