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Keith S Spangle

Santa Clara, NM, USA


For the last month I have been seeing sick Cassin’s Finches. The ill birds appear lethargic and puffy, but lack the swollen eyes and/or sores that characterized other ailments. I once saw a House Finch with the same symptoms. The illness seems to last about three days before killing the bird. Generally I only see one sick bird at a time…the illness does not seem to be widespread and, so far as I can tell, only affects the Cassin and House finches.


Sick behavior

Sick Cassin’s Finch

Sick Cassin's Finch

2 replies on “Sick Cassin’s Finch”

Hannah Hinchman says:

Yes, I’ve just isolated a female with those symptoms. I do hope this is not an epidemic for them. She’s resting, has food and water, but seems content to put the head under the scapulars and do nothing.

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Hannah, Please contact a certified wildlife rehabilitator. Caring for wild birds without a permit is against federal law. Disease is common in birds and some can recover from it – you can learn more here.

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