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William Kurtz

Albemarle County, VA, USA


On Thursday January 14 (two days before my last feeder watch submission) I found this bird at my feeder sitting on top of food in a small meal worm tray without eating. I approached closely and noticed it was puffed out with swollen looking eyes. I had to tap the feeder to get it to go away so I could get rid of the food it had touched. The bird was later observed for at least standing still or slowly walking on the ground. I approached and took this photo from very close range with my phone. Several birders in my area had reported sick or dead Siskins showing signs of Salmonellosis so I recognized the signs in this bird right away and wanted to take a picture so I could share it with our local bird club to warn others to watch out for the disease.


Sick behavior


Sick Pine Siskin (Salmonellosis) In Albemarle County, VA

Sick Pine Siskin in Albemarle County, VA

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