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Katherine Marshaleck

Narberth, PA, United States


This sparrow appears to have avian pox or some type of growth on the face. It was sitting at my feeders for a long time and kept closing his eyes and seemed very tired. I approached him very closely and he did not fly off. He attempted to eat but didnt seem like he was able to. 🙁



Sick Sparrow – Avian Pox?

Sparrow with avian pox?

2 replies on “Sick sparrow – avian pox?”

Beverly Hawkinson says:

I found a dead female sparrow with a swollen face and what looked like a cyst above her beak. she’d pushed herself into a dry corner in my garden. No other trauma I could see. Haven’t found any others.
I’m in inland North San Diego county, 25 miles from the coast. Chapparall zone. Haven’t heard of any disease around here. Thought it might be a wasp larvae of some kind.
Double bagged her and she’s been in the trash since yesterday . Any ideas?
Besides emptying my many feeders and bleaching them?
Thanks for advice.

Heidi Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello Beverly, you find out more about sick birds and diseases and what to do when a sick bird visits your feeders here:

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